Good Food. Good People.

It takes a unique person to work for Sprouts. Someone who is passionate, driven and ready to earn rewards, including competitive pay, excellent benefits, team member discounts, a fun and rewarding culture and career advancement opportunities. We’re committed to recruiting the best and the brightest in the industry because we know that our company’s success depends on you.

As we continue to expand from coast to coast, so do the opportunities on our team. Last year, we promoted more than 23 percent of our team members who continue to learn and grow in various roles, including specialized areas like The Butcher Shop at Sprouts and the Vitamins and Body Care Department.

Team Member Spotlight

“I left a company after 20 years to work for Sprouts because I believe in what we are doing to help people live a better life. There are so many growth opportunities, I haven’t looked back once.”
- Tyrone Davidson, Regional Director

Tyrone started in retail as a bag boy and has carried his personal mission statement to “take advantage of every opportunity and work hard” with him throughout his career. After joining Sprouts seven years ago, he has been on a fast-track to leadership. He advanced from a grocery manager to a regional director and now oversees 13 stores in the Sacramento area. He inspires his teams with his passion for Sprouts and reminds everyone he meets that with the right attitude and a strong work ethic, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved.

“Sprouts changed my career goals. I went from wanting to be a firefighter to working to become a store manager. At Sprouts, we care for one another like family. I am exactly where I need to be.”
- Frank Domian, Sr. Manager of Field Development

Frank is a part of our field development team, where he trains the next generation of Sprouts leaders to be successful in their new role. More than 15 years ago, Frank was training to become a firefighter when a life-changing car accident put him on a new career and life course. After overcoming paralyzing injuries, he started working at Sprouts as a courtesy clerk to make ends meet. He was not expecting to start a career in the grocery industry, but was quickly inspired to support Sprouts customers on their journey to better health.

Frank Domian

“Sprouts is the place to be if you want to have a great career! Bring passion to your work, practice mutual respect, and drive results, and you have unlimited potential at Sprouts.”
- Cindy Chikahisa, Vice President of Operations and Field Development

A three-time recipient of the "Top Women in Grocery" honor from Progressive Grocer, Cindy is an industry mover and shaker who has wanted to work in the grocery industry since she was a little girl. Today, she finds it very rewarding to play such an important role at Sprouts leading store and field training and development programs.

“The best part of Sprouts is the people. From our customers to our team members, I am constantly learning and growing.”
- Kelli Walter, Frozen and Local Category Manager

More than 10 years ago, Kelli started working at Sprouts in one of our stores. She quickly advanced from a clerk in our Vitamin and Body Care Department to a support office position where she researches, selects and orders new products for Sprouts to carry.

“I joined Sprouts nine years ago and have not only grown professionally but also in my personal health. I have become a better version of myself.”
- Amanda Berg, Supply Chain Training Supervisor

Amanda started in administrative support, and with her knowledge of accounting, she was given the responsibility to manage department accounts and reporting. Soon after, she was promoted to become the company’s first supply chain training specialist, and has since been promoted to Supply Chain Training Supervisor. Amanda says she was so inspired by Sprouts' passion statement advocating "every meal is a choice," that she transformed her lifestyle and lost 115 pounds.

Healthy Living Heroes

Each month, Sprouts celebrates a team member who has been inspired to improve his or her health in a truly meaningful way since working with the company. We refer to these individuals as “heroes,” because making a long-term commitment towards improvement is a tremendous accomplishment.

Meet Healthy Living Hero Benjamin Thompson, assistant manager at store #34 – Mesa, Ariz., who improved his diet after seeing his parents struggle with their health.