Foundation Donor/Partner Since 2016


For the past 150 years, Chiquita Banana has been supplying the world with its ripe and delicious bananas. As a leader in the industry, Chiquita continues to develop innovative ways to sustainably grow, store, and deliver their fruit to the more than 70 countries where they do business. Operating with the core tenant of “Being a Good Neighbor,” Chiquita has been brought this commitment to life with several educational initiatives for youth. From building lunchrooms to donating school supplies, Chiquita has helped improve 33 schools in the countries where their farms operate. Additionally, Chiquita offers visual and dental care, health education, and free teeth cleaning kits to students attending schools near their farms. To further expand their reach, Chiquita offers all of their employees one paid day per year to be used toward the construction or renovation of schools.