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At the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, we believe all children deserve access to fresh, healthy food. From school garden support organizations to school-based food pantries, or youth cooking programs to youth farmers markets, our partners provide the access, as well as the tools, knowledge and resources, to start kids on a path of healthy living. 

Through Seed to Table programming, our partners lead students through the plant life cycle, culminating in the tasting and cooking of garden-fresh produce. Science, math, and writing lessons come to life in the garden as students observe the plants, and important topics, like nutrition, are woven into the curriculum, too. When garden education is then coupled with culinary training, and kids are taught how to prepare healthy meals on their own, they are empowered with the tools needed to encourage lifelong healthy eating habits. 


January 2015

The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation was established to empower individuals to live healthier lives.

March 2015

The Foundation donated $50,000 to No Kid Left Behind, funding a school breakfast program for low-income students in California and healthy cooking classes for families in Colorado.

October 2015

The Foundation raised $430,000 for Vitamin Angels to help combat childhood malnutrition around the world through vitamin supplementation.

November 2015

The first learning garden with REAL School Gardens was built at Jerry Junkins Elementary School in Dallas, Texas with the support of funding from the Foundation.

March 2016

The first Visionary Partners golf tournament was held with Sprouts' vendors and partners participating to raise funds to help shift the landscape of health in our society.

April 2016

The Neighborhood Grants program launched, donating more than $400,000 to 54 local nonprofit organizations that directly benefit the neighborhoods where Sprouts team members and shoppers live, work and play.

June 2016

The Foundation awarded $500,000 to REAL School Gardens to fund 13 new learning gardens and the creation of a nutrition curriculum for students.

November 2016

REAL School Gardens built its second learning garden at Regan Elementary School in Dallas, Texas with funding from the Foundation.

June 2017

The Foundation awarded $225,000 to Soil Born Farms in Sacramento, Calif. to support school-based nutrition education and gardening programs at 10 low-income schools.

June 2017

Denver Urban Gardens received $500,000 from the Foundation to create 10 new community gardens and Youth Farm Stands at multiple schools in Denver, Colo.

August 2017

Teachers in North Carolina began piloting the Foundation's and REAL School Gardens' nutrition curriculum with students at seven elementary schools.

September 2017

The Foundation awarded $430,000 in Neighborhood Grants to 58 local nonprofit organizations.

October 2017

The Foundation awarded $150,000 to support Spaces of Opportunity, an 18-acre community farm in Phoenix, Ariz.

April 2018

The Foundation’s annual in-store Round Up for Children’s Health & Nutrition Education raises a record-setting $315,000. Proceeds from the round up helped fund local Neighborhood Grants in the states where the dollars were raised.

June 2018

The Foundation announces a three-year partnership with the College of Natural Sciences at University of Texas at Austin to support hands-on cooking and nutrition curriculum as an intervention for childhood obesity.

October 2018

The Foundation announces $2.2 million in donations to 130 organizations specializing in children’s health and nutrition.

November 2018

Sprouts hosts its first Day of Service uniting more than 500 team members in 28 communities to volunteer.

January 2019

The Foundation awarded Life Lab, a pioneer in school gardening, with a multi-year gift of $650,000 to increase organizational capacity and enhance in-person learning opportunities for school garden support organizations.

March 2019

The Healthy Communities Grant launched, providing $50,000 to $100,000 grants to four leading school garden support organizations. The recipients, located in Baltimore, Tampa, Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, offer hands-on garden education to children.

April 2019

The in-store Round Up for Children’s Health and Nutrition campaign raised $422,490, exceeding the previous record by more than $100,000. All donations were awarded back into the community where they were raised through the Neighborhood Grant program.

May 2019

Foundation Impact Partners, Out Teach and UT Austin, collaborate on their first outdoor learning garden with the help of Sprouts Team Members at Casey Elementary School in Austin, Texas.

June 2019

Sage Garden Project was awarded a $375,000 Impact Grant to expand their mobile cooking cart program, bringing nutrition education to 38 Title I schools across San Diego. Each student receives lessons in gardening, harvesting and preparing simple, healthy meals.

September 2019

The Foundation awarded $720,000 in Neighborhood Grants to 120 nonprofit partners. This included six organizations in new states for Sprouts, in Louisiana, New Jersey and Virginia.

November 2019

More than 650 team members volunteered at the second annual Sprouts Day of Service. A total of 2,600 volunteer hours were donated in just one morning!

April 2020

In response to COVID-19, the Foundation supports Resiliency Garden efforts in cities across the US. In Colorado, Sprouts funds the creation of 500 home gardening kits with Denver Urban Gardens, enabling families to grow their own food through the summer and fall.


IDEAS For Us works to develop ideas, fund action, and scale solutions that solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Their flagship program, Fleet Farming, transforms individual lawns into micro-farmlettes. By doing so, they teach community members across Orlando how to grow their own food while building a local food system. Through their Sprouts grant, IDEAS For Us will enhance operational aspects of their Fleet Farming program with the purchase of a farm pick-up truck and the purchase of commercial kitchen equipment that will be used to complete a commissary kitchen where they can process and store produce before selling it at their farmer’s market.

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Jones Valley Teaching Farm

Through the power of food, Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF) creates opportunities for academic exploration, environmental stewardship, personal growth and leadership, and pathways to employment for young people across Birmingham. They operate seven Teaching Farms where students can learn, create, explore, and grow a healthy future for themselves. With the goal of making these resources more accessible, JVTF is building a Center for Food Education, allowing more students, teachers, and community members than ever before to grow, cook and share food together. Their Impact Grant will be used to support operations at the Center for Food Education.

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National Farm to School Network

National Farm to School Network is an information, advocacy and networking hub for communities working to bring local food sourcing and food and agriculture education into school systems and early care and education environments. This grant will be used to support National Farm to School Network’s work to address their Call to Action, that by 2025, 100 percent of communities will hold power in a racially just food system. This Call to Action will guide their work over the next five years, underscoring what National Farm to School Network needs to do as an organization to realize their vision for a just, community-based food system.

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Out Teach

Out Teach works with schools in creating rich outdoor learning environments, increasing student performance and teacher engagement with the power of experiential education. Through hands on, garden-based lessons, students learn science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) while also enjoying the social and emotional benefits of spending time together outdoors. Their Impact Grant will be used to support teacher training and outdoor learning programs at 10 underserved schools across North Carolina.

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Denver Urban Gardens

Denver Urban Gardens

Denver Urban Gardens has been helping Denver residents create sustainable, food-producing neighborhood community gardens for over 35 years. Their Impact Grant will be shared among 14 community gardens, providing enhanced support for new gardeners, and helping to fund sustainability features and season extension elements. Additionally, Sprouts’ grant will support the launch of DUG’s Garden Equity Project, ensuring that every one of its community gardens is adequately resourced to thrive, regardless of a community’s ability to fund the human and physical resources needed for success.

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Spaces of Opportunity

Spaces of Opportunity is a community farm that has been serving the residents of South Phoenix for more than five years. The farm contains 10 acres of incubator farm plots, an on-site farmer’s market, and additional plots for family gardens. Through a collaboration among five nonprofit partners, the teams who work at and cultivate spaces aim to break the cycle of generational poverty in South Phoenix by improving access to healthy food and nutrition education and by providing a neighborhood hub where people can work, learn new skills, and earn a living selling goods back to the local community. Funding from Sprouts will be used to develop operational infrastructure and to support program implementation at Spaces, helping to strengthen the organization and to create additional economic opportunities across South Phoenix.

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UT Austin

UT Austin Texas Sprouts Gardeners

From 2015 to 2020, UT Austin ran a study called “TX Sprouts” which offered elementary-aged children the chance to experience hands-on garden, nutrition and cooking lessons during the school day. The success of this study led UT Austin researchers down a path of wanting to know what creates long-term sustainability of a school garden program, in which teachers continue using the garden year after year. Sprouts’ funding will support this research, as well as an internship program in which student interns from UT Austin will lead hands-on gardening lessons across local elementary schools, building upon the foundation established through TX Sprouts.

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Sage Garden Project

Partnership will serve 38 school sites in San Diego County with cooking carts and program-related materials for school-based nutrition and cooking programs, and funding for educational staff to operate the program.

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Life Lab

Life Lab Kids in Garden

Program support for the National School Garden Support Organization Network, including collaboration, conferences and sharing best-practices resources. The Foundation’s support for Life Lab will refine and share a new program model for highly integrated school garden and nutrition education programs currently being piloted in the Parajo Valley and east San Francisco Bay areas.

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