Melissa’s World Variety Produce

Foundation Donor/Partner Since 2015


Melissa’s World Variety Produce is the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States. From amber jewel plums to zebra tomatoes, Melissa’s offers fresh fruits and vegetables from around the globe. Annually, the company donates to nonprofits and local food banks, distributing food to those in need and helping to create positive attitudes towards healthy living. Melissa’s has also supported numerous schools by donating fresh produce, building school gardens, and teaching kids how to identify and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. By providing education and access to nutritious foods, Melissa’s seeks to make a positive impact on the health of kids across our country.

In the fall of 2018, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and Melissa’s Produce teamed up to host a “Freaky Fruits” fruit decorating station at the Desert Botanical Garden’s annual Strange Gardens event. The purpose of the event activity was to get kids excited about fresh fruits as an healthy alternative to Halloween candy. Over 1,200 children and their families participated in the two-day event, and decorating “freaky fruits” was a hit with parents and children alike! The Freaky Fruits decorating and sampling stations included rambutans and kiwano horned melons, as well as the more familiar apples and bananas.

Freaky Fruits can be a fun and engaging way to elicit curiosity in children year-round — visit Melissa’s list of exotic fruits and recipes for family-friendly ideas!

Melissa's Freaky Fruit     Melissa's Freaky Fruit 2

Kids showing off their creativity, making silver-legged rambutan spiders and ghoulish green apple zombies.