Sun Pacific

Foundation Donor/Partner Since 2017








Sun Pacific has been growing its delicious fruit in the San Joaquin Valley since 1969. Kids and adults across the country know them best for their Cutie mandarins, packing great citrus taste and nutrition into a small, easy to peel snack.

The team at Sun Pacific believes strongly in the power of education, in enabling communities to grow and thrive. Annually, the company provides academic scholarships to employees to attend universities, junior colleges, and trade schools.  Additionally, they support the Produce Marketing Association’s Center for Growing Talent, providing young people in agriculture with mentorship, and Produce for Better Health, an industry organization focused on raising demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.

“As a farming family, we are proud to be a part of Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation which focuses on school and community gardens, along with nutritional education in the classroom,” said Kate Reeb, Director of Marketing at Sun Pacific. “The pride and joy of growing your own food reinforces healthy eating habits, teaches sustainability, and brings everyone together with the common goal of staying healthy and happy.”