Tom’s of Maine

Foundation Donor/Partner Since 2018








Since 1970, Tom’s of Maine has been on a mission to help people live a more natural life. This goal can be seen in their personal care products, all of which are free from artificial flavors, colors, fragrances, and preservatives. Tom’s of Maine offers their employees 12 full days each year of paid time to volunteer for causes they care about personally. This adds up to hundreds of donated hours, with employees helping at animal shelters and schools, repairing hiking trails, and coaching kids’ sports teams. The company also gives 10% of their profits each year to nonprofits across the U.S., focusing specifically on organizations committed to children’s health and education, as well as environmental causes. In 2018, Tom’s of Maine teamed up with the Kids in Need Foundation, donating 10,000 “Backpacks Full of Good” at the beginning of the school year. With each backpack including essential school supplies, as well as kid’s toothpaste, Tom’s of Maine helped all the young recipients get their school year off to a great start!