Good Values for Good Food

At Sprouts, maintaining a sustainable supply chain from farm to fork is part of our commitment to being a good neighbor. We encourage all our partners across our business to adopt ethical and sustainable practices that strengthen our supply chain. Currently, we are:

  • Setting standards for sustainable sourcing, ethical purchasing, product traceability and fair treatment of people and animals.
  • Supporting local brands, including locally grown produce and meats. We define “local” as made or produced in my state or within 500 miles.
  • Enhancing our animal welfare standards to ensure that our suppliers meet or exceed industry best-practices.
  • Educating our customers through transparent labeling (Certified Humane, Leaping Bunny, Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO).
  • Requiring that our suppliers comply with our Code of Conduct and Ethics and Good Agricultural Practices.

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