At the core of our identity is a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability. We are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and our natural resource intake while providing our customers with local, organic, and other sustainable food choices. We are diverting food from landfills and providing it to those in need. We will continue to set environmental goals in the future to build upon our achievements to date.


We take very seriously the effect that our
operations has on climate, as well as the risks to
our business that come with a rapidly changing
climate. We continually monitor and evaluate
risks to our business stemming from climate
change and are in the process of developing
plans to mitigate some of these effects.

Packaging and Plastics

Bulk bins at Sprouts store

We believe there is a need for a systemic approach to sustainable packaging and recycling in our society
and economy. We actively participate in industry working groups to share best practices and
explore innovative packaging and reuse solutions.

Food Waste and Recycling

Sprouts team member loading produce into a crate

Sprouts is committed to eliminating waste and fighting
hunger in the communities we serve.