Product Sourcing

At Sprouts, we believe good food comes from good people. We encourage all our suppliers to adopt ethical and sustainable practices that promote the well being of our world’s most important resources. Currently, we are:

  • Setting standards for sustainable sourcing, ethical purchasing, product traceability and fair treatment of people and animals.
  • Supporting local brands, including locally grown produce and meats. We define “local” as made or produced in the state or within 500 miles.
  • Enhancing our animal welfare standards to ensure that our suppliers meet or exceed industry best-practices.
  • Educating our customers through transparent labeling (Certified Humane, Leaping Bunny, Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO).
  • Requiring that our suppliers comply with our Code of Conduct and Ethics and Good Agricultural Practices.

Policies and Commitments

Meet the Brand

Gaia Herbs manufactures more than 200 products with the belief that purity and integrity equal potency. The company’s operations go far beyond standardization, starting with sustainably and responsibly sourced herbs from their own organic farm as well as organic farm partners from around the world.