New Vendors

Interested in becoming a vendor with Sprouts? We have provided detailed instructions and information on how to submit properly to multiple departments (Grocery, Bulk, Frozen, Dairy, Vitamins, & Health and Body Care) along with the appropriate documents for download. Please review all the documentation carefully as it will help you begin the submission process with Sprouts. Be sure to submit all paperwork and samples during the appropriate submission period.

Grocery • Dairy • Frozen • Vitamins • Health & Body Care

When submitting for these departments, please make sure to provide the following information in your submission email to [email protected]. Review this document for Grocery, Vitamins, and Healthy & Body Care carefully as it will provide an understanding of what to include in your submission packet.

Download Sprouts Grocery/Dairy/Frozen New Item Form and Overview
Download Vitamins & Body Care – New Item Form

  • New Item Form – Please make sure this is filled out in its entirety. This is the most crucial part of any submission allowing us to review important information about the product (Cost, Retail, Distributor, etc.).
  • New Item Overview Template (One-Pager) – This tab provides an overview and important information for your brand and showcases the items that you are submitting with their artwork. There is a sample of this page one tab over if needed.
  • Policy Statements – This section highlights Sprouts policies including Free-Fills, Fair shares, Billing, and other important statements. Please make sure to review this section carefully as it is legally binding.
  • NIF – Shipper Contents – In this form, the shipper pertains to a free-standing display (usually cardboard) that is sold with product already included. If this does not pertain to you, please leave this section blank.

Download Sprouts Grocery/Dairy/Frozen Review Planner
Download Vitamins & Body Care Category Review Planner

These forms will indicate the submission periods and reset dates for all upcoming Category Reviews. Please note that submission periods and reset dates are subject to change at any point in time, therefore we recommend that you reach out on a quarterly basis for a revised Vendor Review Planner.

Additionally – You will receive a response for Vitamins/Health & Body Care within 4-6 weeks of your submission. If you have any questions or concerns that this email was unable to answer, please reach out to [email protected] and we will respond accordingly.

Deli/Meat/Bakery/Produce – Please reach out to [email protected] with a presentation deck of the product intended for submission.


For non-retail sale items such as goods not for resale, services, IT, and anything that isn’t physically sold in our stores, please send an overview of your company and product offering to: [email protected] Please limit any attachments to no larger than 10 MB.