Sprouts team members standing in front of a decorated board of comment cards

Good People Recognition Program Celebrates #TeamSprouts


To help team members share their appreciation and recognition for one another, Sprouts introduced Good People Recognition Cards last month, and since then, many stores have been showing their creativity by decorating their Good People boards. To celebrate #TeamSprouts and all that they contribute, we’re highlighting how team members across the country are making this program extra special!

Karen Alvarez, Service Manager, shared how the Good People cards increased morale in the store as team members pay it forward. “We are loving these new recognition cards! They really are bringing our team together, building morale and allowing us to build each other up. The cards were received very well by everyone. I’ve seen team members going out of their way to recognize the smallest gesture,” Karen said.

She shared how one of the store’s Vitamin Clerks recognized a Grocery Manager for taking down vitamin totes for the department: “It’s a simple gesture the guys in grocery have always done but went unrecognized. Now that we have Good People cards, that’s all changed. One thing I appreciate as a manager about these cards: we don’t get to see everything everyone does. Now we get a chance to discover all the good stuff our staff does, even when we’re not watching.”

Sprouts team members in front of a display board of comment cards
Store #114 – Fort Worth, TX

Leslie Rios, Service Manager, shared her inspiration behind creating a fun and festive space for her store’s Good People board. “As soon as I saw the name for this new recognition program, I knew I wanted the board to be happy and colorful.”

Posted behind a polka dot wallpaper, the board is covered in colorful paper fringes of blue, green, yellow and red with the added touch of a cactus and llama border. “Besides, who doesn’t like llamas?” Leslie said. The team members filled the board with cards so fast that they had to create a second board to keep up with the demand for recognition! “They appreciate that we’ve been able to find another way to recognize our team members.”

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