School Garden

Lending a helping hand with the Foundation


The work Sprouts team members do supports a larger purpose of creating healthier communities and providing more access to fresh and affordable food. The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation’s efforts echo this purpose through the support of organizations that expand nutrition education and fresh food access. From school garden programs to school-based food pantries, and youth cooking programs, the Foundation’s partners empower today’s youth with the knowledge and resources to make healthy choices.

Dennis Morrison, Store Manager at store #151 – Frisco, TX, takes pride in volunteering with the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and has visited every local garden build in the Fort Worth area. Dennis shared what inspired him to visit all of the gardens: “Volunteering has a direct impact on the community. After my first garden build, I could feel the sense of community and could see how excited the recipients were about their new garden.”

Lending a hand to build something that is so impactful really makes a difference and supports creating the foundation of nutrition within our communities. “’Showing up’ is a term I use to express how being available when others need you is so important. I want to make sure I ‘show up’ for at least one child who will benefit from this experience. There’s nothing more gratifying than that,” Dennis said.

The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation not only promotes nutrition to children, it also emphasizes the importance of working as a team: “Children watch everything you do! By teaching a child they can grow something for themselves, they’re not just learning how vegetables grow, they’re learning responsibility. We are showing them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference,” Dennis said.