Get to Know Our Target Customer

New customer segmentation research yielded a deeper understanding of Sprouts’ target customer.


Team up with one of the fastest growing retailers in the country!

Signalized Intersection

Facade – 40′ minimum

Power – 1000 AMP service

Daily Store Delivery (DSD) – need 6′ clear ramp/roll-up door

Loading – 1 full-size truck well WB-67

Dumpster – 1 compactor (prefer next to loading)

Consumers spend $1.2T on food at home

Tremendous Opportunity to Gain Share in Winning Target Customer Segment

Graph of Sprouts Customer Spend3% Share Increase of the Target Customer would double sales

Target Customers looking for:

Healthy and organic options

Better for you, quality products

Innovative and differentiated products

Great store experience

Support in living a healthier lifestyle

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Connect with us:

Sprouts stores come in all shapes and sizes,

Sprouts stores come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, we put our customers first. Our Real Estate team creates refreshing retail spaces that complement the local environment. That’s why Sprouts is always conveniently located and easy to navigate.

Businesses can thrive when they locate next to us. After all, Sprouts is a good neighbor with one of the best names in business. And we’re here for the long haul.

Sprouts is a friendly neighbor ready to work with you

With hundreds of stores from coast to coast, Sprouts Farmers Market is always looking for new neighborhoods to grow and support. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to providing customers with affordable, healthy foods and friendly, knowledgeable and engaging service every day.