Team Members at Store #886

Sprouts Herndon Team Members to Start Retail Management Certificate Program


Next month, nine team members at Sprouts Store #886 – Herndon, VA, will start a Retail Management Certificate Program (RMC) offered to help them grow in their careers and develop within the organization. The 8-course online program focuses on the retail operations in our industry (business writing, computer systems, marketing, and leadership) and provides the core skills a team member needs to move into a management role.

“When the RMC program was brought to the attention of the Core 4, we knew it was too great of an opportunity to pass over,” Bryan Daniell, Assistant Store Manager, said.

Bryan shared why having access to the program is essential for team members: “As Sprouts continues to grow, it’s important that we cultivate our crop of future leaders. This is a great resource for team members to maximize their talents, set goals for themselves and strengthen skill sets.”

Jared Hornyak, Store Manager, understands the importance of learning and growing together. He encourages his team to take the courses together, help each other study and enjoy the educational journey. “Jared knows the benefits of being able to put the knowledge gained in these courses to practical use. There’s something special happening here at store #886, and we’re all excited to be a part of it,” Bryan said.