five team members at the front of a Sprouts store in caps and gowns aside the store manager and a sign congratulating them

Bravocado! #TeamSprouts Celebrates Graduates with In-Store Ceremonies


During this time, it’s important to celebrate every milestone, and with graduations a little different this year as the pandemic has stopped traditional ceremonies, Sprouts teams from coast to coast have found other ways to mark the occasion. Here’s a look at how #TeamSprouts celebrated the 2020 graduating class!

Four graduates in a Sprouts store holding balloons that spell "CONGRATS"Store #625 – Jupiter, Fla.

Rebecca Johnson, Administrative Coordinator, wanted to make graduation special for some of her store’s team members who weren’t able to have ceremony at their schools. “The thought of them not being able to experience such a special moment hit our hearts,” she said.

Rebecca created diplomas complete with manager signatures and the store held a ceremony with Store Manager Steve Vick and Perishable Manager Adnaldo Perez who gave congratulatory speeches. Rebecca made special bags for the graduates filled with gift cards, candy, and a card signed by all the store’s team members.

“It was a joyful day! Although it wasn’t the graduation they all dreamed it would be, I do believe this is something that on their 10-year class reunion, they will bring up how and where they celebrated their graduation during COVID-19,” Rebecca said.

Store #35 – Yuma, Ariz.

Jim Luft, Store Manager, worked hard with his team to ensure this year’s graduates received the recognition they deserved and honored them with a special in-store celebration that they will never forget!

Each graduate was called by name individually over the store’s intercom to the front of the store where they accepted their diplomas. Along the way, they were met with applause and cheers from team members and customers throughout the store. “We’re so proud of all our new graduates,” Jim said.

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