inspirational drawings and quotes posted on the store window

#TeamSprouts Inspires Shoppers with Positive Messages


Small acts of kindness can go a long way right now, and Rachel Maddy, Retail Clerk at Sprouts store #144 – Fort Worth, Texas has gone the extra mile to encourage and greet the community with inspirational messages. Showing gratitude and uplifting the community comes easy for Rachel, whose inspirational drawings are posted on the store’s front windows. “I was inspired by many quotes that have made me feel uplifted in difficult times,” Rachel said.

Her drawings are colorful, grabbing the attention of everyone who walks through the door. Some drawings sing praise to other frontline heroes like doctors, nurses and first responders; others bring strength and encouragement to the Fort Worth community. Rachel shared why it was important for her to motivate the community through art: “Art is one of my passions, so if there is any way to use it for good, I’ll do so!”

Together, we can make a difference, big or small. Rachel and the team at store #114 have helped others find optimism in an otherwise challenging time. “We’ve had some very positive feedback. When customers stop to read them, it instantly brings a smile to their face. They’ve even said the drawings brought them joy,” Leslie Rios, Service Manager, said.